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Since 2014, Data Science Retreat (Berlin, SF operation) has helped data scientists and AI specialists grow through our mentored retreat program.

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The Nitty-Gritty Details

Committing to a three-month program is a big deal. Here are the details to help you on your way. 

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How is it Financed?

For those with Canadian working permission, we offer an innovative income sharing agreement to help cover the costs of the retreat. You don't pay until you get a job.

3 months full time. Our first cohort begins August 5th and is limited to 12 spots. The clock is ticking, so apply now if you're interested.

What is the course duration?

Downtown, water-front Toronto in the beautiful Queens Quay Terminal.

Where is the retreat held?

Do we help with job placement?

Yes. We have a unique and growing network of partners looking for AI talent. We don't guarantee job placement, but we use our resources to help you as much as we can.

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Now Landing in Toronto

Dr. Jose Quesada is bringing his tried and true "retreat" method to Toronto for the first time. The mission is to push participants to develop crazy projects with mentors who are truly thought leaders in their fields.

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Fresh from Berlin and San Francisco

AI Deep Dive is  about projects, but it is also about increasing your long-term career trajectory and job placement. 100% of our participants in Berlin and San Francisco have landed jobs within 6 months completion

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We have no type-cast perfect candidate. However, you should be motivated and excited about AI technologies and be interested in advancing your skills in the field

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