The most intense 3-month growth experience you can get for your AI career, anywhere

In-person course in Montreal

May 15 – Aug 15, 2019

7240, Waverly Street Montreal, QC H2R 2Y8

The full package costs CAD 12,000

What people say about us

"I got three solid offers after the training"
Diego Amicabile
Chief Lead Software Engineer at Infinitec Solutions
“The learning rate is tremendous. This program has pushed me to my limit and beyond”
Toavina Andriamanerasoa
Senior Data Scientist at New Yorker
"Who looks for a deep dive into the state-of-the-art of Data Science will find it at this program. For me it was not only stunning to see what everyone from my batch achieved within the three month of this immersive hands-on program but also to experience the great team spirit emerging among my peers."
Deep Learning Scientist at nyris GmbH

What we offer


More than 250 hours of instruction from recognized leaders in the field. Teachers cover only the topics they are masters of.


Most mentors are top-ranking academics, leading practitioners (some with > 10k GitHub stars), or Kaggle grandmasters.

Portfolio Projects

We have an unmatched track record of helping participants create killer portfolio projects.

Your current company is struggling with recent innovations such as AI; Your boss knows it, but there’s no plan in motion, or not one that will affect you. You toil away learning AI on weekends and at night, but you feel you need to go further. You are not going to grow if you stay.

Videos, papers, tutorials, blogs—the AI world moves so fast! You jumped into it, but now you are in free fall. Everyone has done the same MOOCs, and interviewers cannot tell the difference. Sound familiar?
You need a better job, but the only people who are getting AI jobs now seem to be PhDs from elite universities. Or are they? Bloggers who build a remarkable project get recruiter calls every other day. How did they do it? Could you pull that off? 
You are determined to make a change. What would be the perfect setup?

How about spending a few months with top AI guys who love sharing their know-how? In the city with the highest concentration of AI practitioners and academics per square meter? And work in the same area where GANs and ReLUs were invented? And meet industry partners who are looking forward to interviewing you when you graduate? Yes, we are talking about Montreal and MILA lab. Add some Kaggle grandmasters to the mix, and this is the perfect setup, or close to it.

The other participants have gone through the same interview as you, and are as committed to their personal growth. The conversations over lunch are damned interesting!
You team up and discuss ideas for your portfolio project. This is creative and fun! You never thought a small team using machine learning could conjure up so much value! Pre-trained networks, open source… it all exists to give you incredible leverage.

Many problems that looked impossible two years ago are now solvable with off-the-shelf solutions!

Mentors and teachers support you, and you benefit from our playbook. After five years in Berlin, we have found a way to make portfolio projects that stand out. For example, we combine sensor data (often coming from phones or affordable extensions such as infrared spectrometers, accelerometers, EEGs, or USB microscopes) with machine learning that can run on a phone. Some call this method “Rick and Morty data science,” because it’s really creative, fun, and unconventional. When people hear about these projects, they often open their eyes wide and say, “that’s great! how can I help?” This does wonders when it comes to differentiating yourself from a pile of CVs on a hiring manager’s desk.

Here are a couple of examples of what our alumni have built:

Malaria microscope

This is an open-source hardware attachment that turns a phone into a Malaria detector. Code runs on the phone and counts parasites in a blood sample, and doesn’t require a human expert, saving hours of diagnosis and potentially saving lives.

Ground roughness estimator to provide wheelchair users with workable paths between two points

A phone mounted on a wheelchair takes accelerometer data (bumpiness) and matches it to photos of the ground. After running the wheelchair around the sidewalks of a city (sampling), the algorithm can generalize about unseen areas using aerial photography, providing users with a path between any two points that is as smooth as possible.

Because in Montreal there are more (and better) mentors who can help you make meaningful, fast progress. Canada has an effervescent industry, but if you aim for the U.S. market, New York City, Boston, and other important high-tech centers are not far away.

  • Companies with deep learning teams in Montreal: Facebook AI Research, Microsoft Research, Google Brain, Deepmind, Samsung Research, etc.
  • Montreal has the world’s largest concentration of academic researchers in deep learning.
  • Montreal is home to the world-leading MILA (lead: Yoshua Bengio). 
  • Montreal has become the best place in the world to build an artificial intelligence startup. Montreal raised the most venture capital in Canada in the first quarter of 2018.
  • Montreal has the lowest operational costs in North America. With rent control, this means that staying for 3 months can cost you less than a single month in Silicon Valley.
  • Canadians (and Montrealers) have an open mind about immigration and believe that knowledge should be shared. This makes for an excellent environment in which AI can flourish.

After more than 250 hours of instruction in a boiling pot of creativity, you feel ready. You line up a few interviews and you kick ass; your portfolio project turns heads. You feel unstoppable! The road ahead is hard, but you are in a much better position than most.

  • CV and LinkedIn profile review
  • Communication and interview skill training 
  • Job search strategies that work
  • Help with cover letter
  • Mock technical interview
  • One-on-one post-interview feedback when you interview “for real”
  • Effective network building to help you land interviews via our speaker series: meet several experts (apart from teachers and mentors) who come speak
  • Hiring partner event series, where speakers come to pitch their company and answer questions about the industry
  • Salary negotiation strategy
  • Present projects and networking with data science peers through our meetup events (aka “demo day’)

You achieve your dream job in a company that “gets” AI. Your boss is trustworthy, inspiring, and you feel you will go places together. If for some reason this job ended, you feel extraordinarily mobile and in demand. Your network and your portfolio project (an evergreen ad for your brand) will protect you from any downturn in the market.

What do companies say

“After having interviewed hundreds of aspiring data scientists over the years, my experience is that DSR graduates are almost universally in the top 10% in terms of readiness to contribute and deep domain expertise. I have so far hired 6 DSR alumni, all of which have proven highly capable individuals whose contributions have made a huge impact in Kreditech.”
Jose Garcia
Chief Data Scientist, Kreditech
"We hired a data scientist from DSR/AIdeepdive, and have been absolutely delighted. Not only was the person able to hit the ground running, he also impressed us on multiple occasions with his speedy delivery and well-rounded skill set. It should come as no surprise that he rose up to become a senior data scientist in short order.”
Peter Tegelaar
Chief Data Scientist, Catawiki
“The graduates we hired from DSR have performed very well. We have been impressed by the skillset they had obtained in both machine learning and computer science in a fairly short period of time. The quality of the candidate pool is much higher than in the open. If we increase our headcount, we would hire from DSR again.”
Ronert Obst
Chief Data Scientist, NewYorker

How do I Apply

If you think you’re a good fit for the program, or if you want to find out more, just hit “Apply Now” and fill out your information.

We’ll be in touch to arrange an interview over video chat.

How much does it cost

The full package costs CAD 12,000

When and Where

May 15 – Aug 15, 2019

7240, Waverly Street Montreal, QC H2R 2Y8