Data Science and Machine Learning

training for Companies

We source the very best experts and teachers with a track record in Data Science and Machine Learning at e.g. Amazon, Audi, EyeEm, Fyber, HERE Technologies, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, OLX, New Yorker, Soundcloud and Zalando.

Why us

We are one of the leading Data Science and Machine learning training institutes in Europe, with over five years in the market

We trained over two hundred professionals to become skilled data scientists through our intensive program

We have extensive experience delivering company trainings by experts from the field, and customizing our material to your needs.

Montréal has the world’s largest concentration of academic researchers in deep learning.

our team


Jacopo Farina

Jacopo is working as a Full Stack Developer at Flix Bus, a young mobility provider offering a sustainable and comfortable travel through Europe and the United States.


Dr. Marek Gagolewski is a Professor at the Polish Academy of Sciences and Warsaw University of Technology, researching and teaching on Data Science, Big Data, and Machine Learning.


Dânia Meira is Data Scientist at MYTOYS GROUP, and previously worked at EyeEm. Dânia handles data in a variety of technologies like Redshift, MySQL and Hive databases with Python, R, Spark, and Scala.


Philipp Schmidt is a Software Development Engineer for Amazon. Previously, he was Data Scientist at Fyber, a mobile advertising technology company built by developers, with 500+ million monthly active users.


Nour Karessli is a Data Scientist at Zalando, Previously, she was Computer Vision engineer at EyeEm, focusing on few-shots image classification using text embeddings.


Patrick Baier is a Machine Learning engineer at Zalando. He is experienced in a large and diverse tech stack, including Spark, Scala, SQL, AWS, Docker, R and Python.


Rachel Berryman is a Data Scientist at Tempus Energy, a clean-tech firm that uses machine learning to drive decarbonisation in the energy sector.


Steve Upton is currently working for HERE Deutschland as a QA Lead on Microservices and IoT systems.Steve worked at IBM on a variety of projects, from Mainframes to Microservices and was a voting member of the OASIS MQTT Technical Committee.


Daniel Voigt Godoy is a Data Scientist and Programmer with more than 15 years of experience in Brazil and in Germany in the financial sector, including private banking and public treasury.


Dr Jesús Martínez-Blanco is is Data Scientist at LiveIntent developing predictive models and recommenders. His stack includes Python, Igor, R, and JavaScript.


Daniel is a machine learning specialist with a focus on deep learning, a software engineer with over 13 years of experience in building reliable, high-performing systems, and owner of Natural Vision UG, based in Berlin, Germany.


Qingchen is an award-winning data scientist with rigorous training in machine learning & artificial intelligence. He is one of only 87 grandmasters (as of mid-2017) on the Kaggle data science competition platform (top rank of 14th out of 52,000+ active competitors on Kaggle).


Jakub works as a Senior Data Scientist at New Yorker where he works on various project mainly related to computer vision and object detection. Previously he worked in the Fintech sector.


Marco Faedo is Machine Learning Engineer at SMACC GmbH, where is working on its invoice information extraction system based on NLP and Recurrent Neural Networks.

Dr. Francesca Diana

Francesca is working as a Data Scientist at Codecentric AG, a consulting firm for agile software development of over 400 employees.


Jose Quesada is the founder of DSR and AI Deep Dive. He did his PhD work at UC Boulder and then Carnegie Mellon. Jose mentored > 200 machine learning portfolio projects. Some resulted in startups, others ended up being non-profits with significant social impact. 

Paco Tornay

Paco is the Dean of data scienec at AI Deep Dive. He is a professor in the University of Granada, He’s comfortable speaking six languages. Paco has kept up with the research in deep learning, and  applied NN models in several practical applications.

Remote mentors

Gilberto Titericz

Machine Learning Expert – USA O-1 Visa Holder – Ranked #1 out of 78,200 active data scientists at Kaggle for more than 2 years (https://www.kaggle.com/titericz) 14x Prize Winner 29x Top-1%-placed in competitions

Kelvin Lwin

After spending nearly a decade at UC Berkeley, He is now busy designing curricula at NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute (DLI) to democratize access to the latest technologies across many disciplines, industries and geographies.

What People say about us

“After having interviewed hundreds of aspiring data scientists over the years, my experience is that Jose’s graduates are almost universally in the top 10% in terms of readiness to contribute and deep domain expertise. I have so far hired six alumni, all of whom have proven highly capable individuals whose contributions have made a huge impact in Kreditech.”

Jose Garcia Moreno-Torres

Chief Data Officer at Kreditech

“The learning rate is tremendous. The trainng has pushed me to my limit and beyond”

Data Scientist at Newyorker

"The Retreat was the best experience of my life"

Solution Architect at Foxconn Europe

“Apart from providing intensive 3 months training program for aspiring Data Scientist, AI Deep Dive offers customized training programs for companies  anywhere in the world on basic to advanced  level Data Science and Machine Learning courses “