DSR Graduates

Over 160 participants have successfully graduated from Data Science Retreat in Berlin by completing an innovative portfolio project.

Batch 19


'Can computers see style? - similar art in Wiki Art - computer vision'


'Electricity carbon intensity prediction - predicting how clean or dirty electricity is - time-series'


'Classification of sleep stages from EEG: classifying sleep stages - sequential data'


'Emergency Intelligence: predicting triage severity using a unique & large medical dataset'


'Extracting summaries from the text - NLP'

Batch 18


‘ION AGE - predicts the age and remaining life of any lithium-ion battery’


‘EMILY PICKS UP! - For clean sidewalks and parks in Berlin, Emily picks up cigarette butts’


‘FUBAR - Lock detection for JUMP bikes’


‘SUBSAIDY - Semantic similarity for prioritizing subsidies’

Batch 17


‘Virtual Personal Gym Trainer’


'Birdsong Classification'

Dmitry Efimenko

‘Road surface type classification and roughness prediction using a smartphone camera image’


‘Night Drive – Augmenting data sets for autonomous driving with Generative Adversarial Networks’


Topic modeling for “Duden Mentor”

Batch 16


‘PROBEAT- Applying Deep Learning for the Audio Signal Processing of lungs and heart's sounds to detect/predict illnesses from a mobile phone’


‘Child Growth Monitor -Quick, accurate data on Malnutrition’

Pascal Schambach

‘Flying Drones with Gestures’


‘Breath onset detection from respiratory audio signals’


‘Electricity demand forecasting of the individual household’


‘Detection and counting of walking passers-by in a public location’


‘Exploiting Vectors in Various Latent Spaces to Generate Unique Font Styles’

Batch 15

'Safety in AI - Robustness metrics for Deep Learning predictions'

'The Road Not Taken' - Using satellite imagery for road detection

'Is it left or is it right? Sentiment analysis of political tweets in Germany'

'Modeling disease progression in Parkinson patients with Deep Learning'

'Safety in AI - Robustness metrics for Deep Learning predictions'

'Machine Learning in the courtroom'

'Predicting loan default with Machine Learning'

'How hipster is my wine? Using Deep Learning to detect wine label styles'

Batch 14

'Requirements and challenges of financial machine learning'

'Email summarizer. Using NLP to summarize email threads'

'Predicting petrol prices in Germany'

'Sign language recognition for deaf-mute people. Video classification using Deep Learning'

'Reading Legal Documents with Machines'

'Pragmatrix: exploring the unambiguous worth of ambiguity'

'Synthesizing satellite imagery using GANs'

'Using Machine Learning for trading competitions'

'Traffic light control with reinforcement learning'

'Short-term wind power forecasting'

Batch 13

'Melanoma detection using deep learning'

'Predicting national health patterns and trends based on 50 years of global data'

'A Recommender System Using Instagram Data'

'Autonomous mobility: Let AI park while you keep moving'

'Sensor Fusion by Deep Learning for Autonomous Driving'

'Short-term photovoltaic power prediction using Machine Learning'

'Need for speed: traffic sign awareness for assisted driving'

'Predicting the value of crypto currencies'

'Heart Disease detection with a structured prediction based on Electrocardiograms'

'Deep Portfolio: Utilizing deep learning to predict stock performance'

'Predicting short time market moves for intraday trading strategies'

Batch 12

'Can I park here? A traffic sign classification'

'Path projection of cyclists for the connected car'

'Reinforcement Learning with RoboCars'

'An exploration of gender bias'

'Emotion recognition on a live video stream'

'Recommender systems for GitHub users'

'Collaborative approach to money management by data scientists'

'Discovering tech news with natural language processing'

'Using LTSMs to predict electricity imbalance price in Germany'

'Image feature detection for Instagram marketing campaigns'

Batch 11

'Music signal separation with neural nets'

'Predicting authorship using ML'

'Building a malaria detection device with Raspberry Pi for less than $30'

'AI transcription of your favourite guitar jam'

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